Rummy Circle – 4 Latest Way to Earn Money in Lakhs

By | August 22, 2023


Rummy Circle

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The Coronavirus pandemic has brought in changes like never before. Amid these changes, one of the major sectors that is gaining much profit is the real-money gaming sector. According to a recent report, the firms bringing out such games have started shelling out 30% to 40% additional money to acquire more users. What is Rummy Circle? Rummy Circle is a card-based real-money game. It is part of the first wave of real-money games in India. It offers safe gameplay on mobile and laptop interfaces. It is owned by Play Games 24*7 Pvt Ltd.

Rummy Circle

Rummy states that their game interface employs the Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine cards given in each game. This ensures fair gameplay. Playing on Rummy Circle doesn’t come under gambling and has been approved of the same by the Supreme Court of India. It has over 10 million players and is one of the most loved games since it fits the ‘play on the go’ concept with the real-time connection.

Rummy Circle - 4 Latest Way to Earn Money in Lakhs - Rummy Offer

It has a record of registering over 50,000 new players every day. Rummy Circle is the part of the Online Rummy Federation, which is an independent group established under the Societies Registration Act. This is a guide to support the online rummy Industry and helps in providing a healthy entertainment to players in India. The game can be played for free and cash investment. The rewards are based on the type of game you choose. One of the best features of the game is that it provides a personalised experience to the user. The firm running Rummy Circle spends considerable time and effort into understanding the gaming psychology of the players and helps them get what they want.

Rummy Circle - 4 Latest Way to Earn Money in Lakhs - Rummy Offer

Rummy Circle’s payment partners are Bill Desk, CC Avenue, TechProcess Solutions Ltd, Paytm and MobiKwik. You can download Rummy Circle from Google PlayStore. How to Earn Money on Rummy Circle? Users can play both free and cash-based tournaments on Rummy circle. Free tournaments are available for anyone who wishes to practice and gain confidence playing the game.Rummy Circle - 4 Latest Way to Earn Money in Lakhs - Rummy Offer

When participating in the cash tournament, the user will have to play with real cash, which will have to be deposited into a Rummy Circle account. The money can be added into the account via net banking, credit card or Debit Card. You will have to use cash only when you are playing in the cash tournaments like Weekend Loot, Club Tournaments, Sunday Masters, Daily Jackpots, Jumbo Tournaments and Reward Point Tournaments. The minimum amount to be deposited for playing games is Rs. 25 and the maximum amount is Rs. 500. You can withdraw your money anytime from the Rummy Circle account. Just go to the account page and click on the withdrawal option.

Rummy Circle - 4 Latest Way to Earn Money in Lakhs - Rummy Offer

The withdrawal will be processed in a few moments. There is no minimum or maximum amount you can win on Rummy Circle. Your winning on the game will be based on your skills and practice. The more you play, the more you win. You can even win lakhs on Rummy Circle. Get More Updates! Disclaimer: By submitting this form I authorize to call/SMS/email me about its products and I accept the terms of Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.Click Now Rummy Circle Revenue Rummy Circle is also a part of the billion-dollar gaming industry. Rummy Circle crossed $290 million in 2017 and is expected to hit $1 billion by 2021. American hedge fund Tiger Global has also invested in Rummy Circle. What is Real-money Games? Real-money games are those ones that charge fees from the players.

Players have to pay a minimal fee to keep playing and also have chances to win cashback and much more. More users joining in would be a profit since they will be able to earn more. They invest in giving cashback, advertising, brand building and referrals. A recent report also said that the real-money gaming Market is expected to grow around 50% to 55% by 2022. Online Card Gaming Facts

1. Age Group A recent report said that an average Indian online gamer is between the age group of 20 years to 20 to 44 years.

2. Gender Men are predominantly involved in playing online card games.

3. Territory The majority of the gamers are from south India.

4. Marital Status The study also said that 51% of online gamers are married with children while 32% are single.

5. Users The online gaming card industry has recorded a rapid increased in the number of users between 2014-2018.

Within just 4 years the increase has been astonishing. The figures are mentioned below: Year Users (In Millions) 2014 6 million 2015 8.09 million 2016 11.54 million 2017 16.37 million 2018 20.69 million Online Card Gaming Companies Revenue With the increase in players joining every day, the online card gaming industry has recorded a considerable rise in total revenue. The table mentioned below gives the details: Year Revenue (In Crores) FY 2015 258.28 FY 2016 406.26 FY 2017 729.36 FY 2018 1,225.63 Conclusion Rummy Circle is still in high-demand with its real-time gaming feature on the go. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or a laptop with a good internet connection.

Rummy Circle - 4 Latest Way to Earn Money in Lakhs - Rummy Offer

Users are gaining much advantage since the game provides an opportunity to earn real-time cash which can be used to purchase tangible goods. One can only expect a great increase in the number of users and the profit the game will be gaining from the same.. Read more at: